AGM Process Documentation

  1. AGM is the web based application in which all clients come under one roof.which has all the features that are available in AGM Web Application.

  2. On the AGM login page,User can login in through internet or intranet,With your username,password and OTP(One Time Password).

  3. After user login, User have the rights to select the company and client.

    • Comapny Master Creation

      • You can create the new company with the details of the same one

    • Upload Master

      • You can upload the Client dump with this.The upload format displayed in Upload form.

    • Mark Attendance

      • This option is used to find the Share holders details and to mark the status of them.

    • Repots

      • Reports about share holders 1) summary 2) Members 3) Proxy

Click Login

 Server IP Address        NLB1_SRV
 System Name               \\\SAM\cam_test.ini
 System IP address       
 System Date Time        

  The network path was not found.