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Welcome to Cameo

Cameo ,headquartered in Chennai, India, is an established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider, providing services to a wide range of clients. Its main businesses are in the areas of Document Management, Medical Transcription, Data Conversion and Registry & Share  Transfer. It has a wide geographical presence in India & US, employing over  1,100 employees. It serves over 350 clients, amongst whom are some of  the largest and finest, listed companies in the country. Cameo has an extremely successful track record in being able to manage and process largee  volumes of transactions for its clients in a time bound manner. Our company has been awarded "CRISIL - SME 2" Credit Rating by CRISIL  Limited (World's fourth largest and India's largest rating agency), whichindicates "HIGH" level of credit worthiness, adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

Services Offered

  •   Document Management
  •   Medical Transcription
  •   Registry & Share Transfer
  •   Other BPO Services

To achieve excellence in one core areas of competence, offering the  highest standards of quality at internationally costs by adopting  based on ethical long term strategies ,sound business policies  values,thus reinforcing the confidence of our customers

      Cameo Guarantees Timely
     Accurate Cost Effective Services